Ending violence against women is urgent but we will look at ending all violence.Ending violence includes ABUSE which is ANY form of physical, or sexual, mental, financial, or emotional . However it is not just women and children. Intimate partner aggression has been increasing every year, but due to this COVID 19 pandemic it has increased more than normal across all communities, regardless of age, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, gender, race, colour, or religionWomen and children in self-isolation or in quarantine are the most vulnerable to domestic violence. Not all homes are safe, and enforced periods of isolation in the home will put many at risk.COVID 19 side effects are so many. On the medical side Doctors know relatively little about all the possible side effects of COVID-19 and the potential for long-term problems. because it’s still a new virus. We can expects that anyone who gets the virus faces risks that only time will tell. Almost everywhere people have lost their jobs and while some help is available many are becoming homeless. In some places there isn’t enough food because transport has stopped. These economic impacts are causing mental stress and so many cannot cope. On top of all this is the terrible increase of violence everywhere. the protests, the mobs gathering in protest exposing themselves to more danger from the virus. Also despite the medical evidence that quarantines, face shields, masks, personal cleanliness are successful tools thousands are protesting and saying they should be allowed to do what they like and be not forced to do anything. Apart from the victims no one cares about ending violence against women or others.Domestic violence is an indirect impact of coronavirus and more likely in stressed and at risk households Locked down to avoid coronavirus but where do you go when you have nowhere to go.?The world is changing to be a place that none of us have seen before?So many problems, so many questions without answers so Jane and her teams assure members and viewers we are here to help. Governments are under stress financially therefore we recommend that everyone concentrate on ourselves and how we can survive. We need to upgrade our mind just like we upgrade our computers.SUCCESS IS SURVIVALTeam Jane has written many articles in this website so please start by looking at these. We will send more information soon as possible about ending violence against women

Ending Violence Against Women