Reflecting on the progress made in addressing sexual crimes, we commemorate the 6th anniversary of the amendment to the Sex Offenses Constitution. It’s a significant milestone after 110 years, and at Team Jane, we’re proud of the steps taken. However, there is still work to be done.

In my book published in 2009, I emphasized the urgency of revising these outdated laws. Today, media coverage surrounding Kitagawa Johnny and the victims coming forward highlights the ongoing issue. We must recognize the courage it takes for survivors, including men, to talk about their traumatic experiences.

Our organization, I Am Jane, stands in solidarity with all victims. We are committed to supporting both male and female survivors. Together, we advocate for change, striving for a society where no individual has to endure such trauma.

Having had the opportunity to address laws and both in Japan and internationally at the United Nations, I find empowerment in knowing our voices are being amplified internationally. Yet, the pursuit of justice and support for survivors remains ongoing.

Society Breaks The Silence – We Are With You https://youtu.be/w4MODb2Ia-I

One important issue we continue to address is the sexual consent age, currently still standing at 13 in Japan. Advocating for a higher age of consent will empower young individuals and safeguard them from potential harm.

One other reform we have been advocating for is the Status of Forces Agreement which has then us already over 20 years of lobbying.

With steadfast determination, we will continue to empower survivors, hold perpetrators accountable, and foster a united front against sexual violence. Let’s work towards a future where all survivors receive the support they deserve. Together, we can eradicate this violence.








#SupportingMen #EndSexualViolence #Solidarity #EmpowerSurvivors

By catherinejanefisher

Grassroots Human Rights Advocate, from Australia. Living in Japan

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